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North Rosé All Day! 2022 Harvest is HERE!

Fresh out of the tanks and into sleek 12 oz cans, our elegant North Rosé makes its debut Friday at our Taproom!

North Rosé is named after the town (North Rose, NY) where our apples grow in Western New York. Bright and fruit-forward, this rosé dry cider is the perfect companion for a patio happy hour, BBQ, or poolside hang. Enjoy it in a glass or right out of the can. Either way, *pinkies up*!

As y’all know we use apples from our farm and neighbors’ farms in Western New York close to Lake Ontario. (As an aside - we in the Texas operations learned the hard way that the shores of Lake Ontario are not Upstate New York - but Western New York! Travel wisely friends.)

We are totally biased but we think that Great Lakes apples make the best ciders - anywhere! So when we get the chance to add a Texas-grown product in our ciders we jump on it and it makes for a special occasion. North Rosé is a true interstate affair and that makes it a truly American and unique cider. We hope you like it as much as we are proud of it.

We are super excited that Jenn Rossi over at The Cause Urban Winery was willing to be the source of our grape skins for this season….it has not been easy to procure skins with the piquet craze snapping all of the skins up.

This cider is made in the same manner that we make our Honey Lavender cider - it is brewed! Yes we said it - brewed. Cider makers sometimes get testy when we are asked how we brew our cider as cider is not brewed - it is made just like wine. We ferment apple juice into apple wine and it is basically that simple. But the process of brewing is extracting flavors and sugars from solids in a solution - like beer does with grains and tea does with leaves and coffee does with beans. So when we take our finished cider and rest it on grape skins we are in effect brewing our cider in grapes. OK that was a bit wordy but it makes for delicious cider. Cheers!

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