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Yes way! We made a rosé! 

Fresh out of the tanks and into sleek 12 oz cans, our elegant North Rosé

makes its debut today at our Taproom!

As you InCiders know, fresh juice has been rolling into our Taproom from our New York orchard for the past three weeks! We immediately threw the first batch into a tank to ferment with the skins of red wine grapes, fresh out of the press from our friends at Decant Urban Winery.

North Rosé is named after the town where our apples grow in Upstate New York. Bright and fruit-forward, this rosé dry cider is the perfect companion for a patio happy hour, BBQ, or poolside hang. Enjoy it in a glass or right out of the can.

Either way, *pinkies up*!

Cider Maker Notes:

North Rosé is a fun cider to make as it takes an all hands on deck approach for us and for our collaborators.

We started with a culinary and heirloom cider base that includes Honeycrisp, Crispin, Ida Red, Northern Spy, and Golden Delicious - something that is a fantastic cider on its own.   

Our friend John Rivenbergh of Kerrville Hills Winery was kind enough to drop off some deep red Teroldego grape skins from the Pepperjack vineyard in the Texas High Plains. 

We added these Italian varietal grape skins to the cider and let them steep for several weeks.  

The result is a dry cider with a hint of rosé color and a subtle reminder of grapes.

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