Real apples. Real cider.

The Beginning of City Orchard

The Apple Guy

Mathew Smith – Investor, Cider Maker, Apple Supply: Born and raised in central New York State along the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Mat spent summers working the Smith family apple farm. Mat is a 3rd generation apple grower and cidermaker, and cider is a personal connection to his family and the land that provided for it for so many years. Mat has lived in Houston for 22 years and while cider has up until now been a passion and hobby, it has become apparent that he is uniquely positioned to leverage his connections to the apple industry and specialists in New York State to facilitate a cider production operation in Texas. He recently purchased a new orchard dedicated to cultivating cider apples.  

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The Cider Guy

Patrick Kwiatkowski – Operations, Marketing: Born and raised in Michigan, in the heart of apple country, Patrick has lived in Houston for 20 years and is a longtime home-brewer and cider maker. He has experience in three tier distribution, e-commerce, social marketing, traditional sales and marketing, imports, exports, and chemical processes in production. Kwiatkowski has connections to Michigan apple growers and cider specialists and ties to Normandy France – the world’s largest cider producing region.

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The Beer Guy

Clay Watson – Investor, Brewer: Born and raised in Houston, Texas, over 10 years ago Clay’s youngest brother introduced him to homebrewing, and his passion for beer began to grow. Since then, Clay has become City Orchard’s Brewmaster and loves developing new beers.  What does beer, research and Macgyver have in common? This guy!

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Smith Brother’s Farms, North Rose, NY


Looking To The Future

We are very excited to bring the wonderful flavors of New York apples to Houston. We have committed to making the best cider with the highest quality apples we can grow, and we hope to celebrate our journey with you. Come by the taproom for a taste of our dream in a glass.