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City Orchard makes wine from our favorite fruit - apples.   We also enjoy grape wine and we know you do too, so we have partnered with some of our friends to offer excellent and accessible wines in our taproom.


Bill Barton of Bellwether Cider and Wine Cellars is one of the pioneers of America’s resurgent cider industry, and we've partnered with him to make our King Blossom Dry Heritage Cider. Not only an expert cider maker, Bill produces excellent Finger Lakes Style Rieslings and other celebrated wine styles from that region. We are excited to be his exclusive Texas source.


A chance encounter through friends introduced us to the powerhouse winemakers at Casa Rojo in Spain. If you need a little more gravitas in your glass at the Cidery, try Machoman, Casa Rojo also makes some very accessible Musso wines. We are Casa Rojo’s Texas distributor.


Like everything we do at City Orchard, our wine offerings stem from personal relationships. Even though we don’t make them, we feel as if we can them our own.