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Cider is all about apples and our Apple Apple Tree Series ciders are just that - 100% fresh apples. By carefully selecting and blending the fruit we produce ciders that are crisp and full of complexity.

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Inspired by Mexican agua frescas, our Cider Frescas are refreshing ciders the incorporate other fruits and ingredients. Adding just enough - but never too much - results in the perfect marriage of apples with complimentary fruits and herbs.

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Our Orchard Blend Series are small-batch experimental ciders produced from our estate apples and fruit from some of our friends and neighbors. This is research and development in a glass.

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Our Cider Nuevo Series pushes the boundaries of cider making by blending other fruits and herbs with heirloom and culinary apples and bottle conditioning the results. The incorporation of old-world techniques with modern experimentation results in new and exciting ciders.

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Apple Tree Series
As the cider that started it all for City Orchard, we named Silver Tip for the early bud that opens at the tip and reveals its silver tissue as the tree awakens from its winter slumber. Our Silver Tip cider is handcrafted from a blend of heirloom and culinary apples to be semi-dry and complex but also refreshing, versatile, and easy to enjoy.

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Apple Tree Series

Named for the first white blossom that opens to sun and pollinators before the apples arrive, King Blossom is a dry cider made in the European tradition from both European and American apple varietals. This carefully curated blend includes tree-ripened, bittersweet heritage and culinary apples that create a bold, complex cider that's a fitting tribute to the natural magic of the orchard.

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Apple Tree Series

Mr. Green is a dry, deliciously tart, single-varietal cider made from Rhode Island Greening apples. The Greening is a well-known American heirloom apple dating back to the 17th century, making it one of the oldest cultivated varietals in the world. Mr. Green is refreshing, pure and simple, with wonderful minerality and complexity. Drink it the way you'd enjoy a coastal Italian white wine.

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Cider Fresca Series
Cherry Red, part of our Cider Fresca Series, is a hand-crafted semi-dry cider infused with Montmorency cherries grown on the coast of Lake Ontario.  Made with a carefully selected blend of Great Lakes heritage and culinary apples, the subtle hint of cherry reminds us of the early days of summer along the lake.

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Cider Fresca Series

Mrs. Green is the audacious partner of our Mr. Green cider. All that single-varietal, Rhode-Island-Greening goodness, plus a little something extra. We add dry Citra® hops for a lively, floral-forward, and citrusy cider that drinks like an aromatic, crisp, and crushable wine. What can we say . . . Mrs. Green's got style!

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Cider Fresca Series

This blend of culinary and heirloom apples ages on the skins of teroldego grapes from the Texas High Plains, but the name North Rosé comes from the Great Lakes town where our apples grow in western New York. Bright and fruit-forward, this dry and well balanced rosé cider is the perfect companion for patio happy hours, summer BBQs, or poolside hangs. Enjoy it wherever you are, right out of the can.​​

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Cider Fresca Series

Bliss out with this unique blend of culinary apples, steeped with lavender from the Texas Hill Country and balanced with local Texas honey. Soft floral notes on the nose and a warm honey richness run through this refreshing cider. We created our Cider Fresca series to try new things and explore flavor pairings that complement our apples, never overwhelm them. Enjoy!

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Orchard Blend Series

The best of both worlds: Orchard Blend 10 is a blend of Old-World and New-World apples grown on the Smith Brothers Farm. Porter's Perfection bittersharps give their crisp acid, Brown Snout bittersweets offer complex tannins, and juicy Golden Delicious apples sweeten things up. We love every element of this classic American cider.

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Orchard Blend Series

Fruit from a single block in the orchard makes this cider truly one-of-a-kind. Nuances of this crisp, complex, European-style cider change year to year, but the combination of bittersweet and bittersharp apples from Block 19 of Smith Brothers Farm is always a special treat. Each harvest is all theirs, all ours, all yours - and only at City Orchard!

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Orchard Blend Series

Just like ice wine, ice cider is a fermented blend of frozen juice apples that drinks like a dessert wine. In this case, it's fresh Northern Spy and Acey Macs, concentrated by a deep freeze in the Great Lakes winter. The result is rich and supple, both sweet and tart. Then we age Sweet Solstice on American oak, giving it time to meld, mellow, and take on the warming character of the wood.

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Cider Nuevo Series

Fresh Ida-Red apple juice co-ferments with Roussanne grape skins from the Texas High Plains, lending this cider complexity, hints of grape, and a robust ABV. Bottle conditioning leaves subtle hints of bready yeast and white pepper, while the bone-dry finish of tropical fruit and tart apple makes High Summer feel like the lovechild of a saison and a coastal white wine.

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Cider Nuevo Series

Fermented culinary cider takes a months-long rest on the skins of both Petite Syrah and red Zinfandel grapes, adding rich grape undertones and a gorgeous ruby hue. Bottle conditioning gives June Drop bright jammy berries and a soft finish reminiscent of a lambic, but overall this precious gem drinks like an excellent pétillant naturel wine.

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Cider Nuevo Series

Several months mingling with Pinot Noir grape skins gives Petal Fall its vibrant pink color and bright strawberry and grape undertones. Petal Fall takes its time, fermenting the culinary cider, resting on the grapes, then bottle conditioning for a depth of flavor that makes this cider perfect for spicy foods and hot summer days.

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Cider Nuevo Series

Everything lovely about our Lavender Royale - culinary apples, lavender from the Texas Hill Country, and local Texas honey - plus a rest on the skins of pressed wine grapes and bottle conditioning. Enjoy the floral notes, warm honey, and sophisticated dry finish.