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Green 🍏 is the new GOLD 🥇!

In honor of winning the Gold Medal at the recent

Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP),

our Mrs. Green Cider is 50% off in our online store!

What makes it special? Mrs. Green is part of our Cider Fresca family, inspired by Mexican agua fresca. Like its partner-in-crime, Mr. Green Cider, it uses single-varietal Rhode Island Greening apples, but adds some extra oomph with Citra® hops.

The result? A lively, floral-forward, and citrusy cider that drinks like an aromatic, crisp, and crushable wine. What can we say...Mrs. Green's got style!

Celebrate Mrs. Green's victory by trying one (or more!) for half off! 🥂


What other medals did we bring home?

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