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Harvest 2020 is here and in full-swing!

Harvest season at our New York orchard kicked-off two weeks ago, and we couldn't be more excited! Apples are handed picked into bins and sent for pressing. This juice then gets put into giant totes stored in cardboard crates (think a GIANT juice box) that then get trucked to us all within days of harvest. What makes our cider "real"? *Real* juice from *real* apples. Harvest season is a great time to find out if your favorite cider is made with real juice or concentrate ;)

Our first delivery of fresh juice just rolled in a few days ago. We are happy to report that we have tanks FULL of Rhode Island Greening, which means Mr. and Mrs. Green will be returning in cans by Thanksgiving.

For the first week in the tanks, this almost-cider is fizzy, fruity, and still fermenting. A harvest time tradition, Young Cider, is the newest cider on our menu at the City Orchard Taproom.

Young cider is apple juice that is still fermenting - we're so excited to make our first batch of cider this year that we can't wait, and we are starting to drink it now! This is our first batch of what will soon be our Mr. and Mrs. Green ciders.

Like the Viennese tradition of Stürm wine (stormy wine) - young cider is still working its way to a grown-up cider. It's still sweet, very appley, and light on alcohol. It is fizzy, and you can see and taste nature doing its job in the glass. Normally you can only get this next to the apple orchards, but we, being City Orchard, are bringing this to you in Central Houston.

Join us every weekend starting 10/31 for Harvest Festival, enjoy young cider, fresh apple cider, and Apple Cider Donuts from our partner Hugs and Donuts!

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