Have you heard of Cyser?

Our newest winter sipper is dropping this Friday. ❄️🍷 Equinox is our first Cyser, a floral drink with strong honey notes, bringing the best of mead and cider together in the perfect blend. Never heard of a cyser before? We're happy to break in down for you!

Cyser is the best of both mead and cider. It is the halfway point between two historic beverages, as the Equinox represents the halfway point of the Earth's revolution around the sun. As a meadmaker it is a privilege to have access to local Texas honey as well as Northern Spy juice from our very own orchard. I believe these two ingredients work in tandem to create a unique experience. The sweet, floral, richness of our honey is the ideal complement to the sharp and tannic nature of the apple. This is our first mead at City Orchard and I think it's one to be proud of. My hope is that we can shine some light on the unique and wonderful world of cyser.

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