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Introducing Strawberry Basil, our new seasonal cider fresca!

Spring is here and with it comes a new Cider Fresca! Introducing Strawberry Basil, our newest obsession!

Strawberry Basil is a complex, light, and crushable cider well suited for the arrival of Spring. As with all our Frescas, the apples take center stage with strawberry and basil providing the subtle, yet perfect backup.

This cider is analogous to our other “sweet and savory” cider: Lavender Royale. We know you are going to love it just as much as LRoy (our production nickname) even if we have not found a nickname as fun for its strawberry cousin.

Strawberry and basil are delicate flavors that must be added to cider in just the right amount. Too much overpowers the cider; too little causes the aromas and flavors to disappear. We believe that we found the right balance.

Starting with a complex blend of culinary and heirloom apples, we “dry basil” the cider and then add strawberries until we find the proper profile of flavors. A small amount of blueberries are added for color and a touch of cane sugar makes everything come alive.

Try it in-store after April 1 or to go to our taproom release celebration on April 1!

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