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Kick off the New Year with Dry Cider January

We hope your holidays were like a great cider...refreshing and just as sweet as you like! 🥂🍾

Meanwhile, it’s January, and we’re entering that stretch of winter without holidays where we all get fresh, healthy habits and . . . well, ok, 2020 isn’t that far behind us, and giving up great cider actually isn’t on our resolutions list!

But we don’t feel an ounce of guilt over that, and here’s why!

Introducing #DryCiderJanuary

1. Dry ciders have less sugar than so many other options! Most of our dry ciders range from 1 to 3g of sugar per 12oz serving. Seriously! That’s it.

2. It’s just as versatile as any sparkling wine with less alcohol! All the complexity, those delightful little bubbles...just less booze. If you’re trying to drink less, cider’s a good look, especially in January! If you’re feeling extra, you could even do a cider spritzer to keep things even lighter!

3. It’s #basicallysalad. Alright, we admit that one’s a bit of a stretch...but our real cider comes from real apples, never concentrate, so feel free to drink clean all month long!

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