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Lucky # OB-13

As we enter our second anniversary year, we are celebrating with lucky #13!

OB #13 to be exact!

Grapefruit notes and a mellow aftertaste make OB #13 the perfect cocktail for a night in. The cider is mostly dry, with a few subtle base notes that balance out any tartness. A great companion for your next dinner date, Spice up OB #13 with spicier cuisine to create a complex taste that you and your guests will enjoy.

No. 13 is a blend of European and Golden Russet varieties. Ashmead's Kernel takes center stage in this complex cider for the first time. Ashmead's, a russet variety, came from England with the colonists, and has thrived in the New World since then. Ashmead's distinctive flavor complements the Golden Russet's grapefruit notes.

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