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Save 25% Off Everything with our From The Source Sale!

We believe in high-quality and only selling y'all the best. Our Taproom is classified as a bar and has subsequently closed, cutting off our primary revenue source. All brands are looking at their business models right now and doing what they can to keep the lights on. Without our crowds many of our Taproom only releases have nowhere to go. 

Here's the silver lining for you, our fans - deep discounts from the source! 

What's that, fresh King Blossom for $11.25 a bottle? Yep, you better believe it! 

Use our Cide Car To-Go Service and the promo code "KAPOW" for 25% off all canned Cider and Beer 4-Packs, that’s less than $2 a can! PLUS King Blossom and all of our hand-selected, exclusive wines from Bellweather and Casa Rojo

We're not sure how long we will run this promo, so stock up on your favorites this weekend at our Taproom! We're open every week, Wednesday through Sunday, 12 - 6pm. 

We can't wait to serve you again in our Taproom until then thank you for continuing to support your friendly neighborhood Cidery. See you soon! 

- City Orchard Crew

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