Spring Orchard Update

Aside from a hopefully short-lived cold spell, normal Spring weather is here and the apple trees, and the farmers, are doing their normal things. Most apple varieties passed through Silver Tip stage to ½” Green to Tight Cluster in the past two weeks. Notably, the small block of plums next to our pressing barn is in full bloom. If you didn’t get a chance to sample last year’s plum-infused seasonal, rest assured we’ll have it back!

Aside from dusting off equipment stored for the winter, the crew is busy keeping up with the trees. The faster they grow, the more they need to be covered with fungicide protectants, so the air blast sprayers are humming. The Spring digging of the tree nursery happened this month and the trees were moved to the cold room at the barn to keep them dormant until conditions permit planting. Unfortunately, some very serious rabbit damage was noticed over the winter, so some nursery stock won’t be making it to the orchard this year. While there’s always plenty that can go wrong between now and harvest, we remain optimistic that this year’s crop will maintain the level of quality that we require for our ciders.

Apple tree at Tight Cluster growth stage.

Various plum varieties are in full bloom.

Late season pruning of the plums in full bloom.

The tractor is used with a front implement to dig the nursery. The crew follows behind and puts them in bins until planting time.

Rabbit damage to many of the nursery trees. I know they’re cute, but really?

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