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The newest Cider Fresca release is plum delicious!

Our Plum Fruit Cider Fresca is an early harvest, easy to drink cider made with fruit from our own orchards. This balanced, fruity, refreshing drink features the sweetness of plums and the dryness of cider.

Adding plums to our cider brings out the best in the fruit, which has a subtle sweetness that cuts through the tartness. A selection of red and yellow fleshed plums is selected from our orchards. Juicing and macerating plums are easier when the fruit is frozen. After steeping the fermented cider in thawed plums, the flavors immediately burst from the flesh and skin. It is the flesh of red plums that gives this cider its candy-rose color.

Available this Friday in our Taproom by the glass, carafe, and 4-packs to go! Also look for it on the shelf at your local grocery stores around the Houston and Austin area.

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