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Blackberry Lemon, a Taproom Exclusive Cider Fresca!

Our Cider Fresca Series continues to be a source of interest for our customers and us alike.  When we set out to make our cider fresca series with Cherry Red, our goal was to complement good apple cider - not to hide it with overly strong flavors.  We know that Texans love other flavors in their cider - which is not as common in Great Lakes cider country.  In fact,  adding other fruits and herbs is scrutinized in the cider world for just that reason; one of the common criticisms is that the added fruits mask the true nature of cider.  It is tricky!  But that is the challenge.  Berries have strong acid and flavor so they can quickly dominate but we think that we hit the proper balance.  We wanted to compliment the apple/berry blend with lemon but the blackberries already added enough acid so our cider maker Paul just added lemon peel (can you tell that one of his past-life gigs was a bartender?!  Lucky for City Orchard right?)

This Blackberry Lemon Cider Fresca is an experiment that is available only in our taproom.  If it is well received it may be elevated to a packaged seasonal….but for now come on into the cidery and enjoy a truly special cider.  Oh - we almost forget to mention that the color is crazy! And rumor has it that our taproom manager is going to make a slushy from it.  It is still hot after all.            

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